Use Heirloom Trends In Bedroom Themes

Use Heirloom Trends In Bedroom Themes

Floral patterns, mixed fabrics and textrues as well as quirky, vintage inspired pieces all come together to form a gorgeous heirloom interior trend.  With vintage style pieces in mind, you should look for traditional furniture styles which look as if they have been passed down through the generations.  Dark oak looks great for this look.

Any ditsy floral prints will be at home here, as well as knitted throws and cushions which add texture as well as colour.  Remember how your grannies and great grannies would knit or crochet?  That’s the look to go for!

Quirky decorative accessories such as animal based ornaments, statues and bookends can all lend themselves to the heirloom trend.  Stag heads and rabbits are particularly good!

Oak furniture lends itself very well to the heirloom trend, mainly because so much furniture from long ago was made in oak!  We recommend styling your oak with floral patterns, contrasting textures and animals to make it look well worn and loved.

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