Choose a great Oak coffee table

Choose a great Oak coffee table

Finding the perfect oak coffee table can be tricky.  The balance between elegance and practicality as well as tasteful or robust can be difficult.  You should think about these points next time you are looking for a coffee table:

What are you using it for: if you like in a house with small children and pets, finding a sturdy and long lasting piece without sharp corners or drawers would be a good idea.  Nothing for little fingers to get stuck in! Will you need to move the table around?  If so you might want to look for casters on the feet to avoid floor damage.

NExt, think about the way it is going to look – will it take pride of place in the middle of the room, or be sat to one side out of the way? If it will be the focal point, you might want to look for an elegant and sophisticaed design.

How much care do you want to put in? Oak is hardy and resiliant so the table should last even in a packed out house! You will need to spend a little time weekly to wax and polish the table though.  Worth investing in some coasters too to protect the surface from drinks and spills!

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