I have been amazed how grubby I can manage to make my house if I’m lazy and don’t carry out my regular housework and cleaning routines.   I was always feel thrilled when visiting my grandmama’s immaculate bungalow.   Somehow, it mattered not what time of day or week we called, the red tiles on her doorstep were always gleaming red with red tile polish every week, come rain or shine.  The familiar smell of lavender furniture polish welcomed us; the dark oak furniture was old always had a fantastic sheen.  The mirrors on her dressing table & wardrobe doors were spotless.  The kitchen always had a lemon aroma – the pots and pans and ceramic sink were always scoured with salt and half a lemon.   After years in service in which she learnt everything a maid needed to know, she used these skills as a wonderful mum & gran and later on as a housekeeper for the local vicar.  We learned those skills but I’m sadly not as proud or careful as she always was!