It can be pretty daunting to start looking after a home when you’ve only just moved in.  If you’re a first time buyer there are so many things to have to think about. Paying that mortgage, building insurance, contents insurance, community charge and utilities to name just the essentials.   It canbe rather bewildering at first but if you get into the habit of taking some interior care of the house and also the exterior, this will repay dividens  in years to come.  Ensuring the roof tiles all look ok after a very stormy night and that the guttering is not hanging down in one corner, or if you’re one of a terrace, check that the end properties are caring for their part of any long runs.   I used to own a middle terrace of three very old places.  It was regularly necessary to try to make both neighbours cough up money to fix one end or the other as their guttering, soffits and fascias had a direct effect on mine.