When the country has been in the throes of major global upheaval it can be very unsettling at all levels of family life.  for some reason we feel at a loss as to how to go forward and those annual jobs we’are so used to tackling have tended to take on a different emphasis.  I know loads of folk who found themselves stuck at home during lockdown 1 and it felt like a holiday at first, then the reality set in.  Most of them took up a positive stance and with a ‘we’ll get through this’ attitude, they set about the spring clean and redecoration a tad earlier than usual.   There was a minor hold up in that the large out of town decorating emporiums were shut but the good old online services really did fill that gap.  It’s amazing how much you can get down with a click of the mouse.  Whether you get the colour and quality you expected is not always clear but the effort can be made!