Decor is most certainly a very personal matter.  One familys clean and neutral wall is another family’s terrifyingly boring space.   So thought must be given to what can be added to make that personal mark on the room,   Of course, there is the old trick of adding scatter cushions on the sofas,  this is always affective.  If the walls, carpet, curtains and sofas are the same shade, then cushion covers with that main shade as a back ground will realy enhance a room once an addiitonal pop of colour is added over the background.  Say a cream base, having bright reds & pale mauve or orange as a floral combination would look fantastic as a pop of dramatic colour.  If the covers are too bold or its not possible to replicate the colour palette, than one of the bright shades for a plain lamp shade would work really well.  But it would have to be an exact match for the colour selected in the cushion covers otherwise it can look sloppy and nerve cruching!