In the old house we bought as my first property investment, there was a fantastically long galley kitchen and I distinctly recall the decor was firmly entenched in the 1920s phase of its life.  To say it had been crying out for some interior care is an understatement.   There must have been 2 or 3 smaller rooms of sorts tacked on the back of the original house and gradually these had morphed into a kitchen.  When we looked over the place, in a state of almost brainless fog after weeks of disappointment with what we were being shown, this one bright star jumped at us and we said ‘yes, we’ll buy’ within about 5 nano-seconds of walking through the door.    I often wonder if anyone has made improvements to that kitchen, or any of the rest of the house for that matter.  It was old, late 1880s;  no heating beyond a gas fire in the front room and a defunct storage heater in the hallway.  This was quite normal in those days – you bought your first property knowing that some improvements would need to be made.