Oak furniture is something to aspire to.   For years it was thought that the out of town scandinavian home furnishing emporiums was the only way to fill your new abode.   Their catalogues were at one time the most desired coffee table tomes – every cheese and wine function would include discussions aout the billy book case or some strange native sounding curtains or bedding.  It was a fantastic marketing success – everything was at exceptionally low price; it was alost impossible to find the same quality for less, aywhere legit.  It was only later that we realised that much of the manufacturing was carried out in what used to be described as ‘sweat shops’ in India and other hidden villages in asian subcontinent.  There was rather backlash at that time.  The leftie woke brigade insising on boycotting the store.  Until it was pointed out that the villages begged for that work – in fact i t brought them untold riches in their live which were irreplaceable.  Ethics monitors were installed and now we get the very best they can produce but ensure the workers get much more of the pay off.