It’s funny how certain colours stay in fashion and others come and go.  For some reason grey, in all its shades has been the top selling colour for all things connected with decorating and furnishing the family home for quite a few years.  I personally find this colour very drab and depressing – hardly any of the shades look good on my skin so I’m biased already!   I’ve been much happier this year when considering decor – there are definitely signs of brighter alternative colours breaking this barrier.  Superb shades of blue, from petrol, teal and palest eggshell blue are all back in the colour palettes.   Whenever you look at a house, be it it modern family living, or a traditionally established manor house, the decor is the defining memory setter.  You can look up and down the main Hall and it will have the style of the period in which it was built or last refurbished.    Heritage houses always have themes for their upstairs living quarters.  The Red Room or The Blue Bedroom for example.  Decorous indeed!