Consider what you want your living room to be and then work out what you want to include in it. If you want it to be a social space for chatting with family or entertaining friends, then you may want to have your sofas or chairs facing each other. But if space is more for the family to relax and chill in, then you might go for a single corner sofa facing a large TV and maybe some cuddler chairs.

Decide now, too, about coffee and side tables, floor lamps, footstools and any extra seating. And don’t forget to include storage for all those things a living room might have to house from books and magazines to DVDs, CDs, gaming consoles and children’s toys. Choose your storage based on whether you want these on display or behind closed doors.

We recommend collecting images and samples to create a moodboard. Include flooring, furniture, focal points, wall coverings, fabrics, textures, lighting and plants. You’ll want to edit this of course but it will help to identify the room of your dreams. If you can access this moodboard through an app on your phone it can really help you to make the right stylistic choices when you’re out shopping.