When choosing a decorating theme for our home, it’s used to be on an almost annual basis – I recall from  my later teen years, our father getting the paint charts and discussing colour choices with mother and despite the limited finishes available then, there was always an animated discourse on what would go with this curtain and how would that shade blend with the lino in the bathroom . . .  I suspect we were unusual in that home decor and the finished look was important to both parent.  I used to visit lots of pals and their homes were never very stylish or modern.  It was only when I reached my twenties & into the first forays of flat renting and then home ownership, that I realised how lucky I was to have parents who were interested and forward thinking enough to update our home furnishing and decorating styles – it helped to promote a habit of keeping my own property in good repair and decoration.  Interior care of a property is essential to maintain a good sales value.