We do have to take great care of our furniture and interior furnishings.  It’s so easy for something to get spilt on that nice comfy sofa – maybe someone was having a sneaky cuppa soup and half of it landed down the side of the cushion . . .  Or n the pouffe, that half slice of toast that landed butter side down.  All these foods will leave a mark and if there is any grease content, then that will gradually stain and become almost impossible to remove.  The first lesson in furniture care is not eat loose foods . . .  but that is rather harsh and almost impossible to keep up.  So when ant kind of food is eaten on the furniture, always wipe the hands before and after;  when leaving the site, always brush off the seating and other area to stop dust and crumbs from becoming setled in the grain.  Burshing the area with a small brush will help rid you of those pesky crumbs and if any liquid is spilled, get a damp cloth immediately and wipe down the area before it can stain and stare back at you for ever!