There’s a property up the road that houses a really impressive collection of furnishings and furniture.  The owners are used to the best of everything and this is definitely reflected in their style of decor.  Top notch curtaining with pelmets and swags.  Small chandeliers in the main rooms.   Whereas I have the modern style of the same thing, it’s strange how different it all looks and yet the house is only about 4 years older than my own.  They’ve chosen to keep to a classic country  house style, just slightly downsized to take account of the smaller square metres they had to play with.  Their main dining suite is from the ercol windsor range, dark oak.  It shouts quality.  This chap had his own very successful building company for many years and is well knwon in the community.  It was most comforting to note he had no hesitation in buying a house on the same development as mine – he said how very well built they were, given the circumstances of mass building.