There are great restrictions on our movements as I speak – the global lockdown to rid us of a massive virus has caused such upheaval and disturbance to our daily lives, it’s hard to try and keep a sense of the normal about us.  However, we do have to keep our minds and bodies active and fresh.  So what to do whilst we are confined to our quarters for however long.  Keeping an eye on the decor of our homes is a good place.  Although we are fairly limited in some respects as to obtaining materials to start any projects, this would be a very good time to take stock of what we already have in the way of furniture and furnishings.    Are the wooden pieces still looking good – could the oak dining set be given a good buffing with some proper furniture oil or polish in the cleaning cupboard?  Sometimes our favourite pieces call out for nourishment.  Once the furniture has been looked at, how about making a list of rooms that need could be redecorated to great affect?