The winter approaches quite quickly after the end of those glorious summer holidays.  When making the most of these pleasures, it’s quite clean outside – there’s usually not much mud or mucky stuff about.  But once winter approaches we have constant rain and damp atmosphere which comes into the house on coats, shoes, boots etc.  Another big factor is the leaf drop – you walk down the road and before long, you’re knee deep in them.  Leaves cause all sorts of mayhem from depositing bits indoors to making the pathways seriously slippery and a liability for the older person.  Interior care of our homes requires constant vigilance to ensure mucky deposits do not enter.    Wearing winter footwear outdoors and then taking it off before coming back into the homes is vital.   It’s amazing how often folk will just wipe their boots on the mat and then be genuinely suprised when hafl the garden ends up on the lounge carpet!