Taking care of furniture is something that either comes naturally in nurturing sort of way, or it doesn’t!  But care for it we must otherwise the fabrics become matted with grime and have that unpleasant odour and sticky feel.  Tables and other wooden furniture always resp9ond well to a good dusting and the occasional application of beeswax polish and a ton of elbow grease.  Old pieces of family furniture when cared for properly will eventually become antiques.  These are today able acquire a level of value unforseen and although the design of that dining table and chair set may not instantly appeal, the value they can retain most certainly will keep them from being sent to the dump.    What upsets me greatly, especially on tv lifestyle shows is the complete transformation of a once loved sideboard by those up and coming designer celebrities.  There are no end of the shows – an old item is stripped completely, taken apart and put together with other components, to form a totally different item.  They’re usually hideous but the pundis appluad loudly for the upcycling element.