After being shut away in our houses for weeks at a time, through pandemic and other disasters, there’s nothing more refreshing than opening up the windows and doors for hours and a time and really giving the house a good blow through.  We are currently bein reminded in fact that to clear our homes of the fug and germs that may linger from more heavy breathing in and out of winter dampness, we should leave our windows open all the time.  This of course is alien to us – for the last half century or so, since fitted carpets and central heating has been the norm, we have done everything we can to eliminate draughts and sealed up every window and door for that purpose!  But to look after our bodies, minds and to eliminate damp through condensation and over heating rooms, we must ventilate everywhere much more effectively.  Once damp of any sort takes hold, it spreads round the room and a full course of eradication and cleaning is needed before proper redecoration.