It’s absolutely amazing just how grubby I manage to make the doors and surfaces of my house – I do wash my hands, very frequently in fact, but I also use lots of body and hand lotion because I have sensitive, very dry skin.  These products stay on the hands and eveyr time I open and shut doors, perhaps touching the doors themselves instead of always by the handle, it gradually wears away the surface of the paint work.    When I had my house decorated throughout by a professional painter and decorator, he didn’t use gloss paint for the woodwork.  Instead he talked me into having a silk finish.  This was not anywhere near as long lasting as the gloss work had been from when the bulders signed off my lovely new abode some fifteen years prior.    I now find that the surface  has worn away completely on both sides of the doors to my ensuite and bathroom and it looks terrible now, very dirty despite constant cleaning.  I will have to seriously rub down all the woodwork and do the gloss finish I should have had done !